PennHIP Honor Roll


PennHIP Tested Vizslas- dogs I have tested or GIVEN PERMISSION by owner to publish results as this is still a closed registry- sires in parentheses are the known 90th percentile tested dogs

90th Percentile(DI less than 0.3,ranked by highest hip DI)

Bajos Limitless Destiny(2003) submitted by Barb Snyder

Kivala Ajandek Ad Bajos(2005) submitted by Barb Snyder

Ch.Paradox Glorybound Brok,JH (sire: Ch.Paradox Final Answer,MH)(L=0.25,R=0.25)

Ch.Magyar Delta Dezso,JH(L=0.27.R+0.23)

Ch. Paradox Return of the King,JH (Ch. Paradox Final Answer,MH)(L=0.26,R+0.26)

Paradox What’s Your Point,JH (sire: CH. Paradox Final Answer,MH)

Paradox Dewpoint,JH(sire: Ch. Paradox final Answer,MH)

Sassafras Play’n For Keeps-owner Richard Black and submitted by owner(L- DI-0.26, R- DI-0.25)(2012)

Hubertus South Pacific

Magyar Delta Dreamweaver(New Zealand import to Canada)

Ch. Paradox Final Answer,MH (sire: Hubertus South Pacific)(L=0.29,R=0.29)

Paradox Movement In Red,JH

Paradox Just Watch Me (sire: CH. Paradox Final Answer,MH and dam a 90th %)

Paradox Iceana Gold Star,JH(sire: CH. Paradox Final Answer, MH; dam: Handy Dandy Harlie(80th%)

Anderson’s Chiefly Jesse, Ch.

Fernwood’s Remington Ranger

Paudon’s Atomic Bomb

Paradox Life of Riley(sire: Hubertus South Pacicfic)

Ch. Dudley Do Right(sire: Ch. Fernwood’s Remington Ranger)(L=0.3,R=).3)

Ch.Paradox Ice Sculptor

Ch. Boondocker ss Mudsville(L=0.29,R+0.30)

Bajos Haranni Uj Emleket Bajos Limitless Destiny(greater than 90th % 2003)

Kivalo Ajandek Ad Bajos(greater than 90th% 2005)

Indra Lord Aragon of Bajos

Sassafras Earn’n His Keep(male)submitted by owner Richard Black(2012)

Ch. Windswept Acres Top Gun, CD,SH

GCHS CH BISS¬†Aislinn’s RR Elite Edition JH RN CA OJP NAP( L=0.25,L=0.25)

CH Paradox Amazeen Glory(L= 0.20,R=0.20)

CH Paradox Laurels Of Glory(L=0.19,R+0.19)

CH Paradox Szikra JH (L=0.14,R=0.16)

Am Ch Tantamount Daisy Duke CDX NA NAJ( DI- L 0.3,R=0.3)

GCH CH Red Diamond’s Fifty Shades Of Hot JH(“Reno”)(L=0.28,R=0.25)

Paradox Trax On Snowy Mountain JH(L=0.24, R+0.23)

Paradox Grebe Tempest Dancer(L= 0.27, R+0.28)

GCH Can CH Starcastle N Stardust Take Center Stage(“Dancer)(L=0.3, R= 0.28)

Stardust N Stonepointes Epic Journey(L=0.23,R=0.24)

BISS GCH Stardust N Stonepointes Legendary Journey(“Seger”)(L=0.22,R=0.21)

Paradox Grousebound Floyd(sire-Hubertus South Pacific)(L=0.23, R=0.22)

CH Paradox That’s My Point(“Carley”)(L=0.28,R=0.3)

CH Paradox Multiflora Rose JH(L=0.25,R+0.26)

CH Paradox Who’s Sari Now(Dani)(L=0.3,R+0.26)

Annian’s Goodbye Ruby Tuesday(L=0.26,R=0.18)

Paradox Black Diamond That’s My Point(L=0.31,R=0.028)(sire- Red Diamon’d Fifty Shades of Hot)

Paradox Kissin Cuzins(L=0.26,R=0.26)(sire Paradox Glorybound Brok)

Paradox Point To Glory(L=0.16,R+0.29)(sire Paradox Glorybound Brok)

80th Percentile

GCH CH Paradox Wild Hungarian Rose JH(“Lucy”)(L=0.33,R+0.33)

Paradox N Gunfield’s Wild Rose(L=0.33,R=0.33)

CH Paradox He’s All Business,JH(L=0.32,R=0.31)

GCH CH Paradox Esterhazy Rose JH(L=0.33,R=0.26)

Paradox Blaze’N Calamity Jane(L=0.33,R=0.33)

CH. Avalon’s Classic Alliance,JH (2006) submitted by owner Joyce Tischler

Bajos Tavaszius Szella

Brook’s Effervescent Chase(Ch. Boondocker ss Mudsville)

Ch. Paradox Butch and Bird Dance,JH

Ch. Paradox What Else,JH (sire: Ch. Fernwood’s Remington Ranger)(L=0.32,R+0.27)

Handy Dandy Harlie,JH

Paradox Sonata in Red (“Tayshaun”)

Cedar Bogg ss Mudsville (sire: CH. Boondocker ss Mudsville)

Adrian’s Dream Shadow (sire: Hubertus South Pacific)

BISS(multiple) GCHS CH Tradewind’s Ida¬† Bomb JH(L=0.3,R=0.32)(sire-Aislinn’s RR Elite Edition))

CH Tradewind’s Ida Princess(L=0.31,R=0.27)(sire-Aislinn’sRR Elite Edition)

CH Tradewind’s Ida Rather Be Hiking(L=0.32,R+0.33)(sire- Aislinn’s RR Elite Edition)