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Paradox Vizslas, owned by Nancy Boggs Heinold, DVM and David Heinold, DVM is a second generation Dual Champion breeder.Nancy ‘s pedigree decends from Behi Vizslas, owned by the Vizsla author, Bernard C and Hilda Boggs.In the last 45 years (anniversary June 2006) Nancy has done line drawings that achieved prominence, bronze statues and National Championship Trophies for Vizslas , Brittanies and the NGSPA and specialized in PennHIP radiograghs.Her husband, Dave, officially joined the team in 1976 and is a skilled artist in watercolors and oil portraits. The Pair of Docs have been married almost 30 years.Paradox Vizslas currently reside in Belleville, Michigan on their 15 acre homestead along with four Peruvian Paso horses and a horse training barn cat retired to the veterinary clinic. Behi Vizslas foundation dam was DC Behi’s Csinos Csiny, CD HOF (Trixie) and foundation sire was Szekere’s Kelet Szel (Trump).Both dogs descended from Vizslas that Count Bela Hadik owned and bred.Bela Hadik escaped from war torn Hungary, shortly following WWII and is rightfully called the “Father of the Dual Champion Vizsla”. He bred and owned the very first American Dual Champion, DC Futaki Darocz HOF (Darocz) as well as bred the first Vizsla bitch Dual champion. Trixie was hand picked for the Behi kennel from FC Futaki Juliska’s litter. Behi Vizslas have owned AND amateur trained six Dual Champions, which is the most Dual titles for an amateur. They have bred, owned and or trained Duals for an amateur. They have bred, owned and or trained numerous Field Champions and show Champions.Behi Vizslas have also produced four dual active children, or two legged get.Behi Vizslas’ influence will be felt for decades through theirs and their children’s efforts. Paradox Vizslas was the first established dual styled lineage from Behi Vizslas. Our foundation bitch was Behi Csecse Raketa, CD, ROM (Mimi). Since then MIMI has made an indelible mark in Vizsla heritage. MIMI spawned foundation sire and dams for the other Boggs siblings and other generations that followed her. As a precocious child who loved to eat red fruit, Nancy grew up with a future Vizsla Club of America Hall of Famer, DC Behi’s Csinos Csiny, CD, HOF (Trixie). Those who knew and saw TRIXIE were quick to realize this bitch was one in a million. Nancy and TRIXIE became thicker and tighter than two coats of paint. TRIXIE played a decisive and pivotal role for Nancy as a profession, an artist, competitor and a future breeder. She was Nancy’s 4-H project. She was Nancy’s first Caesarian section as a high school student observer.She was Nancy’s sleep companion from childhood through college graduation. She was present at Nancy and Dave’s wedding in 1976 at which she devoured part of the wedding cake prior to the ceremony. Dave and Nancy chose as a wedding gift, a young Vizsla named Behi Csecse Raketa (Mimi) who was a grand-daughter from TRIXIE and TRUMP and a linebreeding on Haans V Selle HOF and CH Hunor HOF. The Heinolds never looked back or regretted any part of their initial choice, even though MIMI with her OFA Excellent, correct structure and driving field ability, certainly took up the additional training with gusto, that her owners needed. MIMI was bred to three dogs, CH Great Guns Riding High HOF, Reilloc’s Tyke, CDX, TD and NFC DC Cody’s Dark Star. She produced three champions and one companion dog title bred to HIGH.She produced one Dual Champion and Amateur Field Champion and one USA, Australian and New Zealand Champion who helped to improve the Vizsla in Australia and New Zealand when bred to CODY. MIMI was bred to Reilloc’s Tyke CDX ,TD and produced four show champions, one Companion Dog Excellent and one Senior Hunter.MIMI produced three guide dogs for the blind a true test of trainabilty and service to man. MIMI is the grand-dam of twenty four show Champions, three Dual Champions, three Amateur Field Champions, two Best in Specialty winners, one Multi Best of Opposite Sex winners, one Utility Dog title, six Companion Dog titles, two Companion Dog Excellent title, two Master Hunter,two Senior Hunter,six Junior Hunters and one ROM. Two of MIMI’s most outstanding genetic accomplishments was her ability to participate in multi-generation pedigree lined OFA Excellent and when she was bred to DC Cody’s Dark Star, she started(not includin Cody) a Dual Champion male lineage of three generations of Dual and Amateur Field Champions(amateur owned and handled) with hope of making that strain go for four and five Dual CHampion and Amateur Field Championship generations and more. The title chase from Paradox Vizslas continues. DC AFC Paradox Title Chase of Behi (Chase #1) graces the cover of “The Vizlsa” circa 2000. Today the Heinolds are active in producing and campaigning dual styled, healthy, trainable Vizslas and have provided foundation stock for several kennels who have achieved competitive notoriety on their own laurels.Nancy and Dave have judged numerous field trials and hunt tests and Dave has judged at a VCA National Field Event. All that, in addition to their artistic skills, veterinary practice and individual veterinarian specialties, the Heinolds keep busy keeping the title chases…..always rolling forward with increased style, handsome and healthy trainability.