Vizslas Health

Breed Health Concerns


Health issues seen in the Vizsla: Hip Dysplasia idiopathic epilepsy Cancer:Mast cell tumors,Lymphosarcomai,Hemangiosarcoma Heart defects-PDA,murmurs,heart base tumors Addison’s disease Thyroiditis(autoimmune) HEALTH CAUTION!!!!! We no longer use the antibiotic SMZ-TMP which has tradenames of Tribrissen, Bactrim, Septra as it has caused liver failure in many Vizslas fom unrelated strains.At once a day dosing instead of twice a day dosing some of the Vizslas lost their appetites. If medication stopped soon enough when vomiting occurs, some of the Vizslas have survived with supportive care.And this is not the only breed that has had an adverse drug reaction to this product. It is more commonly seen in the Doberman Pinscher. I have seen Labrador Retrievers die or become ill on the antibiotic.There are many effective antibiotics on the market so better to avoid unnecessary heartache with a loss of a beloved Vizsla. In 1993 I was told of a Vizsla on the East coast of the USA who died after using this antibiotic when she had cystitis. Fortunately I remembered the anecdote and no longer file it under idle gossip. We can see this antibiotic cause underactive thyroids.