Paradox’s Legacy To Sari, JH
Sire: Ch. Paradox Return of The King,JH
Dam: Ch. USA Bound of Szep-Allat,JH
Whelped: June 25,2007






August 23, 2008

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Aug 23, 2008 Kansas City Mo show  





male born April 27,2011 from Nellie & Dezso Male from Nellie & Dezso





Blue collar male(DOB 04-27-110 D.O.B. 04-27-2011





Nellie/Dezso daughter  





photo by Lin Kozlowski Photo by Lin Kozlowski/Aug. 2009





April 5, 2008 June 2009, International KC championship



“Nellie” is co-owned and raised by Meghan Tallman. NELLIE came home for a visit to get her early PennHIP test which came back in the 60th percentile which is in the breeding range for this method. NELLIE is a sweet girl and very easy to live with, with the bonus of talking with the “RooRoooo” style and greets friends and strangers with her singing if she is in a very good mood.She can come back for more field training when she learns to return after a 20 acre cast to a treeline…and a visit to the neighbor’s children.She has a natural hunting intelligence which should get better with more work. Meghan Tallman forged into new territory with “Nellie” as her guiding star. Meghan started “Nellie” in her quest for a Junior Hunter title. “Nellie” is not allergic to poison ivy, but Meaghan is! The first weekend at a hunt test was very hot and “Nellie” was birdless in the heat and heavy cover. Meghan was poison ivyless in her stunning attire of white “big boys” socks over her pants.We hope that advice was not a prank, but it seemed to work. Last weekend in October 2008 was the second attempt at a Junior Hunter pass. First day was birdless until time was called. Meghan flushed the bird and watched it fly away then somehow turn and fly back to assault her.We can only wonder what “Nellie ” thought about that scream from her owner. The next day many had hear about the strange bird behavior that only Alfred Hitchcock could have imagined. “Nellie” found and pointed a quail. Meghan flushed it with trepidation and it went away and then whirled 180 degress to attack Meghan. Like a police officer seen on many “cop” shows Meghan went from a one handed fire to a double handed aim at the bird. The scream and blank fire knocked the bird from the sky. Judge had to hang onto his saddle horn to keep from laughing himself off the horse and the rumor of Meghan’;s handling skills from the previous day were brought to life for him.I laughed so hard from the story I am not sure I recalled the story correctly. I wish I recorded that phone call from the happy co-owner who is proud of her first Junior Hunter pass. And she has dedicated this pass to her parents who imported the first Vizslas breeding pair into the United States. Meghan finished Nellie’s Junior Hunter title on March 29, 2009. We are very proud of Meghan taking on this field event.Nellie must have wondered why Meghan never took the quail she retrieved from her mouth with joy(Meghan is quite fond of her parrots..and after the quail episode in the first pass she is sure they are out to get her)) Meghan and Nellie went to St. Louis in June to finish the International Championship.They endured the heat and humidity to accomplish that task. Meghan figured out how to get a photograph without dripping wet from perspiration.She stayed in her airconditioned car…used her hair tools to get the right hair style and only jumped out of the car to take the photo and went home. 

Pedigree of “Paradox’s Legacy To Sari, JH “

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Ch. Paradox Return of The King,JH     


Ch. Paradox Final Answer,MH

 Hubertus South Pacific
Ch. Dealt A Queen ss Pardox,JH
Ch. Paradox What Else,JH Ch. Fernwood’s Remington Ranger
BISS,Ch. Paradox Dances with Birds,JH


Ch. USA Bound of Szep-Allat,JH

NZ Ch. Hubertus High Flyer
NZ Ch. Hubertus Claim To Fame

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